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Monday, February 9, 2009

Entry #1

Entry #1 And so it begins.
As I sit here, listening to some great music, slightly nauseated and partially frusterated from the whining and squealing of the infant-child, Korbin, I find myself more in tune with the amount of time I have left at home. The first half of grade twelve has seemingly flown by, with no evidence that it really happened, to be honest. Only 4.5 short months left! I cannot wait. Living in an overcrowded house my whole life, the quiet independance I'll be facing soon enough seems all too welcome. I'm sure my opinion on this matter will change soon enough, as I'm rather used to it. Sigh.

I figure I'd make a blog, seeing as I just joined this site, but I think it is about time I try and figure out how to use it, and make it look not-so-dull. I'll be seeing you.

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