beck's noise

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Entry #6

Oh, the joy of Sundays.
The day of rest, the last blissful day of the weekend, a day where it's really all about relaxing ...

Scratch that. The day where I remember what I do five days of the week, and all of the things I needed to finish over the weekend and conveniently forgot about until 6:00pm on the Sunday evening. Perfect!

Why am I blogging, you ask? Because I couldn't help it. If given the choice to study Biology 12, write a prophetic speech, or just write about random things on the internet, I would choose the latter. It's just the natural decision.

Grad presentations are coming up in 17 days. Not that I'm counting down or anything. The dread that overtakes my soul when those two words are mentioned consecutively cannot be written coherently. It's more like a series of grunts, moans, shrieks, and other unnatural bodily sounds. If I step back and look at it logically, the whole thing shouldn't be a big deal. Honestly, all I really have to do is talk about myself for 20 minutes straight. Unfortunately, I have never been a logical person, so panic is my first instinct. On the outline of things to talk about, it says "Talk about how [your school] has affected you and shaped you." Now, I'm sure the writer's intentions with such a suggestion were to hear me verbally vomit about how awesome my high school experience has been at said school. Alas, they will be sorely mistaken if I answer that question honestly. Therefore, they are expecting me to lie.
I can only "bs" my way through so much, you understand? Writing lies is easier to get away with than standing in front of a dozen or so people and spewing out untruth after untruth. This means I will double-dutch my way around that question, hopefully escaping any questionable stares from my teachers and other assorted viewers.
I wonder ... Maybe if I just sent each person to read my blog, they would understand what I do in my spare time, instead of having me fluff it up and make it sound better. It's nothing glamourous, they will see. In fact, it's overbearingly sarcastic, unnecessarily pointless, and generally just a waste of everyone's time. That last statement pretty much sums up my personality.