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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Entry #4

What an unnecessarily traumatic evening valentines day was. I'm not complaining, though. Those kind of evenings are the ones I remember!

Kyla and I decided to go to Mission to catch a girly movie, but we would stop in Abbotsford for dinner. We left pretty early, expecting a long wait at Red Robin, as we forgot to make reservations (my bad). On the contrary, we walk in to a waiting room stuffed with hungry people, go to the front to inform the hostess we would like a table for two, and she told us to follow her right away. Shocking. SO, as we finished our dinner and generously tipped our overly-friendly waiter, we realized that we had far too much time to burn. The only solution to this, of course, is to prowl around Walmart in our dressy clothes. We weren't the only ones. It seems Walmart was crawling with overly-dressed folk. Afterwards, we figured we'd head to Mission and figure out something to do once we were there. Kyla, being the creative one in this relationship, thought it would be fun to go for a drive around the beautiful township. Oh yes, what a stupendous idea! Now, I'm sure Mission is a beautiful city, with lots to offer, but I'm pretty sure I took every wrong street that there possibly could be in such a small town. Our scenic tour consisted mostly of an industrial park, a rather dirty looking night club, and other various creepy roads with no signs or streetlamps. I was hyperventalating so bad at one point, I'm pretty sure I was positive a masked villian was going to jump out at me and rip my limbs off.

After arriving home at roughly 12:37 am, I went to open my front door only to realize my older brother had taken my house-key to make a copy, and had never given it back. Lovely. I called, knocked, rang the doorbell, yelled through windows, all to no avail. I gave up eventually, and decided to lay in the middle of the road. I layed there till 1:15 am, when I realized with a flash of embarressment and frustration, that our screen door in the backyard is never locked, and I had been sitting out in the cold for no particular reason. I suppose we should probably get a lock on my back door, but last night I was rather greatful for our lack of safety.

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